Thursday, 16 December 2010

Swing singer says Let it Snow


Well last weekend was another fun filled couple of gigs at Old Trafford. On the Saturday i had awesome photographer Jonny Draper there to take some pics and having been asked for live shots so many times, I managed to secure Russ Stevens, who usually deals in MAGIC videos and such, (you should see him with Ant & Dec), make a live video and promo video for both me and the band. Russ has sent me a very rough draft of the video, and already it's looking fantastic.

I have put up a taster picture of the night where I managed to make it snow indoors, (thanks to JD from lightech, who have been fantastic), so thanks again to Jonny for making me look half decent...can't wait to see the rest.
I also spent Monday night with all the Managers from the Hilton Hotels UK and there annual dinner which this year was held in Blackpool. I was there with some great dancers who were on Britains got talent last year, FLAVA, they were great and even managed to get some of the managers up dancing. I'll download a couple of pics and get them on later.
Keep looking and I promise to keep adding!!
Happy Christmas

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